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The more you pay for something, the more you care for it. For example, if someone spends $800 on an iPhone 6, it is likely that they will also spend a few extra bucks and buy a protective cover for it as well. In many less fortunate families, it is common that the parents will skip their meal just so the kids won’t go to bed hungry. Food is a necessity, yet they give it up. As the time goes by, their sacrifices may get bigger and bigger but they never stop loving their kids. Now let’s turn the intensity down a notch and look at an average young college student or a recent graduate.

Most young professionals absolutely love their sleep. They have to get their 6-8 hours of “beauty sleep” every night. They wake up in the morning and struggle. I know this because I used to be this way, in fact I was wayyyy worse. I have missed exams, job interviews, classes, and many important events because I loved my sleep so much! I only stopped caring about my sleep a few years ago when I started Aspetto. I would have to stay up at night dealing with overseas manufacturers and handle work, classes and clients during the day. Initially, I felt pity for myself because I saw my friends enjoying their college life but the sacrifices I was making made me love my goal even more. I became stronger and was getting used to giving up more and more for the “bigger picture”. There were days I couldn’t afford to eat because I had to buy samples from Asia, but I knew the end goal would be worth the tough time. I did not understand what Aspetto meant to me until I started sacrificing for it.

Open up your history books and you will find cultures that encouraged sacrificing human lives just to please their gods. Huitzilopochtli was the god of war in the Aztec’s religion and it required human sacrifice. According to some accounts, it was a few thousand human lives every year!!! AND YOU CAN’T SACRIFICE SLEEP TO PLEASE THE GOD OF SUCCESS???

Abbas Haider -
Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Speaker

Abbas Haider was born to lead. He became an entrepreneur at the tender age of six when he started SBSC, a company that resold computer accessories to a local electronics store.  Though he was young he was a skilled negotiator, regularly brokering deals with mature business owners. After he moved to the United States, his passion for start-ups grew.

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